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Christmas Gift

It's that time of year again and everyone is out to impress with the best Christmas Gifts money can buy. If you are not willing to brave the hoards of militant Christmas shoppers then maybe it's about time you succumbed to the tranquil past time of Internet Shopping for your presents this year.

There has never been a better time to do all your Christmas shopping via the web and you are bound to find a gift to suit any family member or friend, even those that are notoriously hard to buy for.

Our top tips for gift buying

Order Early….

Shopping on the internet means you are sometimes relying on the postal service to deliver all your precious gifts on time. Make sure you check with the website when their last delivery day for Christmas is, you don't want to spend hours surfing all the wonderful gift websites only to have your items not arrive in time for Christmas. Try and give at least 10 days for your order to arrive, especially if it is a personalized gift.

Be aware of delivery costs….

Although you will be able to pick up some great bargains on the web, remember to factor in the delivery charge. These can be anything from £1 to £5 or even more. Look for sites that offer free delivery if possible or delivery of all your items for under £2.

Find an unusual gift…

Now you are at your computer, cup of tea at your side, make sure you use the internet to your full advantage to find something extra special that you would never find on your local high street. This is where the internet comes into its own. Even typing the word ‘unusual gift' into your chosen search engine brings up thousands of websites and gives you the chance to surf around until you find what is right for you. Remember to compare websites that are offering the same gift, some may offer more choice while others may charge you more. The beauty of the internet is that you can purchase a really unique gift from the other end of the country, without even stepping out of your front door.

Personalize your gift…

Buying a personalized gift on the internet could not be easier. They show that you have taken the time to find a gift specifically for that special someone. Personalized gifts can be anything from a personalized football book, personalized calendar and even a personalized mug. Simply type the name and message, click to buy and wait for the postman. Although personalized gifts cannot be delivered immediately, they are certainly worth the wait, many being delivered as quickly as 5 working days. Be aware of certain websites charging for personalization. Many offer a free personalization service, so start surfing.

Surprise someone…

If you don't manage to personally deliver all your Christmas presents this year you are in luck. Many gift websites gift you the option of inputting an alternative delivery address to your card's billing address. This way you can order your gift and have it delivered directly to a friend or relative. Clever sites do not include an invoice in the packaging, you do not want your friends to know how much you have spent do you?

Finally, take your time…

If you are patient you should be able to find the perfect gift website to suit all your needs. All budgets are covered and to save you time look for a site that sells gifts for everyone rather than just gifts for women or gifts for men. Save yourself days of trawling the shops with just a few precious hours on the internet.


Christmas is the perfect time to plan a ski vacation. It’s the peak of winter in most countries and the ski slopes are covered with snow. A white Christmas, the family all together, ski slopes to conquer by day and a warm fire in a ski chalet to look forward to at night; a Christmas ski vacation is the perfect way for any family to spend the Christmas holidays.

Choosing a Ski Resort

Ski slopes in different countries offer very different skiing experiences. In fact, it’s safe to say that no two ski vacations at different ski resorts could ever be the same. Some ski slopes are meant for very experienced skiers whereas others, which have gentler slopes, are more appropriate for beginners. Ski resorts that offer a variety of slopes of different complexities are best for families with smaller kids.

Your budget is a major factor in deciding which ski resort you and your family choose to spend your Christmas vacation in. A ski-resort is by no means a cheap Christmas vacation idea. Ski resorts vary in their prices and many have peak-season and off-season rates. However, do keep in mind that Christmas is peak season at any ski-resort and their prices are likely to be steepest at this time.

Despite the high prices, all ski resorts almost all over the world are likely to be fully booked during the Christmas holidays, so you need to make your plans much, much in advance. Doing a search on the internet is the best way to find different ski resorts and to compare the different packages they offer. Remember the earlier you start your search, the more choices you will have to avail of. Short list a few ski resorts that suit your needs and contact them to clarify other queries you may have. Once you’ve found the perfect ski resort that meets all your requirements and is also within your budget you may want to consider paying a down payment in order to book the requisite number of rooms for your family.

It’s never too soon to start looking for you’re the perfect ski resort. Commencing your search a year in advance will give you a head start over all other families who have the same Christmas vacation plans.

Looking for Santa Claus at the ski resort

While looking for the perfect ski resort, don’t forget what this vacation is really all about. A Christmas ski vacation needs to combine the skiing fun with the spirit of Christmas. Without it, the vacation will end up being just a family skiing vacation, fun, but not Christmassy.

When making your enquiries, expand your search to include the Christmas options in and around the area. Find out if there are any community activities that your family can participate in, even if it is in the town around the resort and not in the resort itself.

Also, you may want to consider taking along stockings and stocking stuffers for the whole family. While carrying gigantic gifts for the children is downright inconvenient, stockings filled with little gifts are an ideal way of carrying the spirit of Christmas everywhere you go.

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